This detail is designed to correct minor paint defects and enhance the visual appeal of bodywork, and is recommended for well-maintained vehicles of all ages that have acquired light wash marring and faint swirl marks over time..

The car gets a full wash and chemically treat, the paint gets clayed to remove any surface contaminants such as tar spots, iron particles and sap. This way a clean surface is guaranteed to start the polishing process.

This level of paint correction utilizes just one stage of machine polishing using a fine finishing polish to correct minor paint defects and maximise surface gloss.

While not considered a “perfection detail” given the single stage process, a big transformation in the condition of the paint can be achieved especially on softer paints.


  • Hand wash with multiple buckets and proper tools
  • Chemical/mechanical process (claying) to remove contaminants in the paint
  • Outside wheel detail
  • Single-stage machine polishing process
  • Durable sealant or wax applied after correction
  • Door and trunk jambs cleaned
  • Interior basic detailing


Pricing starts at € 950,00

Please get in touch to discuss the options. No car is the same, no job is equal.