After the polishing stage there are several options to provide the best protection available. Every single feature can be applied separately.We are happy to find the best solution for your needs to achieve the best possible protection.

Things of quality have no fear of time.
— YH


A lot of car manufacturers have changed their way / technique of painting their cars during the years. Water based paints and several other reasons (money) make that a lot of OEM paint has a lot of structure in it, so called orange peel.

Depending the car, the amount of clearcoat and the wanted result, we can perform the ultimate paint correction possible. This is NOT a standard procedure and is always combined with a COATING option after the treatment to preserve and protect the clear coat. The most important thing in this procedure is to preserve as much clearcoat as possible.

In some cases we will NOT perform this treatment because paint preservation is key in this tedious process.


Pricing starts at € 4500,00